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Harness your attention, build mental resilience and increase the satisfaction you get from the people and goals you care about.

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Why Equa?

Equa is a scientific method that can change stress psychology in ways that help you get the most out of the moments you’re living in – teaching you how to find relief from discomfort, emotional regulation in times of stress, and increased satisfaction from the people and goals you care about most.


Real outcomes, based on placebo controlled trials.

Equa was born at Carnegie Mellon University.
Our approach is based on 15 years of research from the
Health and Human Performance Lab, and the results are clear:


An educational journey where your coach has your back and you’re at the wheel.

We learn best with tailored guidance, and mindfulness training should be no different.


Anytime. Anywhere.

Mindfulness practice shouldn’t be relegated to a cushion.
We help you find ways to use your new mindfulness skills where the rubber meets the road – in real life.


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